Empower Yourself with Artificial Intelligence

Boost your productivity with all-new AI features

Automate your SEO work

Type and fix in one click

Offer unique solutions to your customers

Serve with Your Own Brand

Let your customer see only you.

Make It Your Brand Everywhere

Stop growing other brands, focus on your own

Your Own Domain, Your Own Site

You can offer all your services through your own domain name and your own website.

Customer login screen

When your customers enter the platform, they log in from a login screen with your brand.

Your Logo on All Panels

Only your logos will be available in the Dashboard, Admin Panel, and Theme Management panels.

Customer Support Portal

Your customers can contact the 24/7 support center on your panel. Other companies, confusions are no longer allowed.

Customer Training Library

Share all your trainings with your own brand to show your values, explain your solutions and deliver your services to a wide audience.

Make Your Company Appear on Invoices

Let all payment instruments belong to you and your company, receive direct payments, not commissions.

Create and Manage Your Own Website

From your own dashboard, highlight your own brand with your own domain name. Give your customers confidence by standing out with your corporate identity.

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Manage All Your Customers and All Your Services from a Single Panel

All your needs are in one panel to grow your business, acquire new customers and produce very fast solutions for your customers.

Set your own strategies

You determine the packages or service features suitable for your customers, not other companies

Duplicate sites with one click

You can quickly turn existing sites into new services by instantly duplicating them.

Track all customer statuses

Monitor the status of your customers instantly and take the necessary actions quickly.

Create your own plans.

Set your own prices. Earn your own money instead of commission.

Multiple Agencies in One Panel

We are talking about that you can reproduce this whole system as much as you want with the name you want.
You can offer the services you want to different audiences with different projects.

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Strong and flexible support management for Agencies

Provide Direct Support to Your Customers from Your Own Dashboard. Increase customer satisfaction by providing fast and effective support to your customers and solve problems instantly.

Ticket system

A ticket crm system between you and your customers

Article and Blog

Create your own knowledge base


Custom contact forms for visitors to your website

Your Team is Stronger Together

In your panel, you can create teams for your colleagues you work with, authorize them, and even see their actions.